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About Us

About us

We are a not just handicrafts dealer or the ones who deals in designer blue pottery, ravishing home decor, furniture and handcrafted leather bags but we are also conglomeration of ideas. The idea of using science for commerce of art. The idea of removing "middle men" from lives of artisans. The idea of learning the "karigari" on internet. The idea of reintroducing the "royal touch" in your life. The idea of delivering the real art of Indian handicrafts, pottery, furniture, home decor, leather bags, marble crafted antiques and many other artistic touch to every Indian.

Our Mission

Craftsmart is a growth company focused on better solving the handicrafts, home decor, leather bags, furniture, lighting, blue pottery marble crafted articles and all other ethnic unmet needs of customers. our mission is to meet those ethnic Indian antiques needs with products of utmost quality, great designs and unmatched styles.

Our Vision

To be the premier quality ethnic and Indian handicrafts, home decor articles, handcrafted leather bags, kitchen accessories like blue pottery, furniture and lighting decor retailer and supplier in the world. By introducing the handcrafted products, elegant blue pottery, home decor articles, and royal looking furniture to everyone who are in love with handicrafts

How to contact us

Our customer service team can be contacted at support@craftsmart.in or you can reach out to us on +91-9414243222 (10AM to 7 PM). For media enquiries please contact us at media@craftsmart.in.

Who we are

CraftsMart.in is India's leading authentic handicrafts portal that exclusively sells leather bags, furniture, home décor, lighting, jewellery and everything that is handcrafted by artisans.

CraftsMart.in has been established by CraftsMart Online Retail LLP, with a vision of representing Indian Art and Craft on a global platform. This beautiful and unrivalled form of art comes to you directly from artisans, who are keeping their family traditions alive after thousands of years of perseverance and perfection.

It serves two purposes: one, re-introduction of the forgotten Indian handicrafts and artifacts to everyone’s life at affordable prices and second, giving the artisans a fair trade platform to get the maximum benefit out of their products. 

To know more about the different forms of handicrafts, and to understand the efforts and skills of these artisans that goes into making these products, please visit our special section “CraftMaster” at this website. This is a small tribute from us to the craft heritage of India.

Core Values

I - Integrity We are honest in everything we do, upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior.

C - Candor We share ideas and feedback openly and constructively. We are willing to admit our mistakes and share them as learning opportunities.

A - Accountability We are always committed to fulfill our obligations and delivering results.

R - Respect We celebrate diversity in ideas and approaches and treat all our stakeholders with care and concern.

E - Excellence We are driven to attain the highest level of quality in handicrafts like marble artifacts, home decor, leather bags, furniture, lighting decor and other ethnic articles with best reach & performance in everything we do. We demonstrate an innovative spirit and a determination to be the best.